7 August 2009

Making It In Webcomics.

Since I like webcomics so much I'm putting together a plan that will, with hard work, perseverance and luck, eventually allow me to turn this enjoyable activity into a full-time job - nay, a career. A lucrative one, if possible.

From here on in this plan and related topics will likely form the bulk of this blog's content, so hopefully it'll be of interest to other webcomic creators - even comic creators who eschew the term "webcomic" but still want to find a way to present their work online in a way that provides income.

I can't claim to be an expert on this stuff since I'm only just starting out; I can claim to have a fairly well-developed brain and a full set of opposable thumbs which have proven themselves helpful for problem-solving and tool-using applications respectively. This should come in handy when trying to make a living from webcomics.

My methodology is going to be pretty straightforward: I intend to break complex situations down into less-complex pieces, try to understand them, and come up with ways to rebuild the situation to be more to my liking. There will likely be a lot of identifying problems and applying general principles to come up with potential solutions, and I do not doubt that on occasion I will be wrong. If you notice me being wrong then please do correct me, but be prepared to back up your point. The idea is to use discourse and debate to come up with better ways of doing things, not to point fingers and call people names. That doesn't help anyone.

There won't be much by way of detailed analysis of statistical data - mainly because that stuff bores me to tears and I'd much rather spend my time drawing my comic or promoting it to an audience than poring over tables and spreadsheets. Instead I'll be speaking in broader terms, and applying more general principles of human behaviour to the problems presented by this goal of Making It In Webcomics. Soft squishy human stuff rather than hard crunchy mathematical stuff. Yeah.

What this blog isn't going to be is an authoritative, foolproof, 100% guaranteed treatise on Making It In Webcomics, because no such thing exists. There are some publications which offer examples of how the authors managed to find a modicum of success with their webcomic, but their methods may not work in all situations. When reading this blog, please remember that everything I say comes with a caveat that I am not an expert. I actively encourage readers to make their own investigations and (ideally) let me know if their findings confirm or refute my own.

Above all, it's a voyage of discovery.

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